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About Hopson Leather

Hopson Leather is a company whose goal is to provide quality leather products that are customized for the buyer.

John, our head leather worker grew up riding and working with horses.  His interest in making a sewing articles together came at an early age while dreaming of being a knight with a jousting horse.  He made sheaths for his swords and headdresses for his horses.  With this same imagination he is now making leather chaps, chinks, halters, bridles, reins, breast collars, saddles, knife sheaths and gun holsters.

While attending college in Wyoming for equine training he had the opportunity to learn under one of the greatest leather craftsmen there.

If you have a pattern or just an idea John is willing to put his imagination to work to make what you need.

Hopson Leather is located in north central Kansas in the heartland of the USA.



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