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Custom Leather Pricing

Hopson Leather is proud to offer a full line of custom leather products for the working cowboy and all around hobby trail rider.  We specialize in custom personalized leather items with your individuality in mind.
The following are base prices for our leather merchandise.  Pricing will change with more detail and customization to the items.  Please call or contact us for a price quote and we will be happy to visit with you about your needs.
Leather Chinks $200/$300 Leather Chaps $300/$400
Leather Pistol Holsters $50.00 Leather Rifle Scabbards $125.00
Leather Rifle Stock Accessories $25.00 Leather Ammo Pouches $30.00
Leather Horse Bridles $50.00 Leather Horse Halters $30.00
Leather Horse Breast Collars $75.00 Leather Saddle Bags $100.00
Leather Knife Sheaths $25.00 Leather Spur Straps $50.00
Leather Personalized Belts $50.00 Leather Guitar Straps $125.00
Prices subject to change due to leather prices and material costs.  Please contact us for a quote.
E-mail Us At john@hopsonleather.com
Please give us a phone number that you can be reached at so we can give you an accurate quote for custom items.

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